As a studio, we are engaged in a range of self-directed projects, which enable us to pursue ideas that inspire us, free of the inherent constraints of client work. These projects feed us creatively and they allow us to leverage our own strengths to make the world kinder, more just, and more beautiful. The first of these project is Thoreaux, a wallpaper collection comprising contemporary adaptations of historic images. Details on that are below.

  • Thoreaux


    Thoreaux is a wallpaper company, which features creative reinterpretations of historic images from across the globe. The brand’s debut collection comprises eight wallpapers, based on archival tiles, textiles and objects from North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Thoreaux wallpaper tells a story, blending authentic historical details with an unmistakably contemporary aesthetic.


    To explore or shop the collection, you can visit our retail partner,